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Welcome to our Dual Champions page! Nothing makes us more proud than to say we support the Dual Brittany! That is, a dog that is both a champion in the field and the show ring. The Brittany breed is one that is not yet, and hopefully never will be, split into show and field varieties. The proof of that is that there are more Dual Champion Brittanys than in all other Sporting breeds combined. It is not easy to become a Dual Champion, and each one is the product of great genetics, proper development and an owner dedicated to proving the dog’s worth. Here are seventeen Dual Champions, past and present, that represent our breeding program:

Dual Ch. Kinwashkly Mac Magoo, FDJ

Owner: Al Fortini | Whelped: October 1997
by Ch. Kinwashkly Red Apache x Ch. Kinwashkly Katydid It

Mac was purchased by a first time dog owner as a replacement pet for the family cat (named Mac Magoo) with no intention of getting involved in competition. Al had a friend from work who was involved in field trials, Vern Brunen, and got invited out to some training sessions. Next came an entry into a field trial and a placement in a puppy stake, then a dog show where Mac won some points, and Al was in the game. Mac had a great juvenile career, winning his puppy and derby points and ending up as the top derby dog of all breeds in Canadian Kennel Club competition for 1999. Al tackled breaking this powerful all age dog himself, with a "little help from his friends", and completely amateur trained and handled, finished his Dual Championship on September 11, 2004 with a 5 point win. Another highlight of his field career was going Runner Up at the 2003 Prairie Provinces Open Pheasant Championship against all breeds. In his short show career, Mac had 8 Best of Breeds, some over group winning dogs. He is pictured here winning a Brittany booster (supported entry) under judge Mel Saranchuk, handled by Doug Belter. Although Mac was only known to the Alberta crowd, I consider him to be the best dog I have bred.

American and Canadian Dual Ch. Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper

Owner: Vern Brunen | Whelped: March 2006
by Dual Ch. Kinwashkly Mac Magoo, FDJ x Dual/AFC Kinwashkly French Velour

Ned was the red hot puppy and derby dog around here as a youngster and really cleaned up in the juvenile stakes. He easily earned his show championship with three majors, the last under breeder judge Dorothy Macdonald. Vern had some placements on him as an adult when the decision was made to send him to the United States to see how he would do in the tough midwestern Brittany trials. He placed in the first all age stake he ran in, and when he and handler Scott Johnson bonded, things really began to happen. Ned placed 3rd in the American Brittany Club National Championship in 2011. His next trial earned him his AKC Field Championship. In the spring of 2012, Jessica Carlson took him to 13 shows and finished him in the show ring. The new Dual Champion took Best of Breed the day after finishing, over 6 specials. He went on to win the ABC Chicken Classic that fall and his consistent winning and placing in 1 hour stakes had him a close runner up in the Purina dog of the year awards, running only in open stakes. He placed 4th in the National Championship in 2012. The spring of 2013, after many wins and placements with Scott, Ned came back to Canada to win an Open Limited Shooting Dog stake, finishing his Canadian Dual Championship. As an American and Canadian Dual Champion, Ned made breed history, as the only Canadian owned and bred dog to ever earn the titles, and only the fifth dog in breed history to do so. All the others were in the 1970's. Ned placed a third consecutive time in the ABC National Championship in 2013. Ned has sired some very promising youngsters that are ones to watch in the future. There is frozen semen available on Ned, as well as the real thing, for those interested in breeding to him.

Dual & AFC Kinwashkly French Velour

Owner: Leslie Andreas | Whelped: August 2003
by DC/AFC The Whiz Kid x DC Kinwashkly Sunshine Girl

Val's first major win in the show ring was taking Winner's Bitch at the Canadian national specialty in the spring of 2005. Val had a good juvenile career in field trials, winning an American Field Derby stake with 7 finds against the long tail dogs, before she went to Ben Lorenson's training camp for the summer of 2005. She came home and had a litter of puppies, before resuming her adult field career. She managed to complete her title in Canada, in between 6 litters of puppies, and earned 9 points to her AKC title including a 5 point major Open Brittany trial win. She completed her amateur title very quickly, having no amateur points at the time she finished her dual, but winning several large stakes quickly to earn her AFC at 9 years of age. Jessica Carlson captured this picture of her very last find in competition at the Montana Brittany club trial when she was 10 years old. Val has produced very well for us, and now is a much loved house pet.

Dual & AFC Kinwashkly Smoking Hank, FDX

Owner: Vern & Kim Brunen | Whelped: April 1997
by FC/AFC Hi Scor Jac D Ruffian (Hall of Fame) x Ch. Kinwashkly Amelia Airhead, CD

Hank started his career as the top derby dog in Canadian trials, all breeds, in 1997. His adult career was phenomenal. He was the top Open Shooting Dog in Canada of all breeds for four consecutive years. He was runner up in the 2004 Canadian National Pheasant shooting dog championship, an all breed trial. Hank had a great nose and an equally great mind, and set the bar high whenever he ran. He was used a lot as a stud dog locally and produced 15 champions, including number one show Brittany in Canada one year, and another Dual Champion. Hank was completely amateur owner trained and handled. Frozen semen is available on Hank.

Dual Ch. Kinwashkly ML Benjamin Patrick

Owner: Tom Doherty | Whelped: March 2007
by DC/AFC Blueridge Major Adventure x Ch. Kinwashkly Lucky Star

Ben was a star in local juvenile stakes and ended up as the number one puppy of all breeds in Canada for 2008, the number one derby for all breeds in Canada the same year, as well as placing 4th in the American Brittany Club Western All Age futurity. With a year off to learn the ropes, Ben came back in 2010 and did the unthinkable. He won or placed in every trial he entered, finishing his title with two major wins by the third trial he ran in as an adult. He ended up the year as the number one open shooting dog for all breeds in Canada. Ben continues to compete and has some amateur points as he works on that title.

Dual Ch. Kinwashkly Red Patches

Owner: Bill Sturm Jr. & Leslie Andreas | Whelped: June 1976
by 2xNFC/DC/AFC Ban Dee (Hall of Fame) x Ch. Flint's Kinwashkly Queen, CD

Red taught me so much! Following him around the prairies when he was a youngster and winning regularly in pointer trials are some of my happiest memories from 1977. He went to Gene Spires in Kansas early in 1978, just in time to win the Victoire National derby stake. Gene was responsible for his training, and early success. Gene dying of lung cancer in February 1980 was a huge blow to us all. Red did a lot of winning in amateur stakes for Bill after that, as well as winning Best of Breed at the 1981 Southern Kansas specialty. He had his AKC AFC as well as an Open win in a 41 dog all age stake, but never got the 1 last open point for his AKC Dual. With his amateur points he had something like 45 points to his AKC field championship, just not 6 open points. And that is why I continue to make sure my good ones run in juvenile stakes to get those points some people think are not necessary. (He did not have juvenile points in the United States, which would have made him a dual.) Late in his life, Red returned to me and we got the remaining points for his title here. No one who ever saw Red run forgot him…he was a superstar! This picture of him is pointing Hungarian partridge when he was 10.5 years old.

Dual & AFC Kinwashkly Brown Sugar

Owner: Rick and Leslie Andreas | Whelped: July 1979
by FC/AFC Reed's Bo-Nine Max (Hall of Fame) x Kinwashkly Cocoa Topper

Sugar's entire life was an adventure. The stories I could tell you about her! Starting with when she got lost at Christmas time in Minnesota when she was 18 months old. She turned up 6 months later in the dog pound, pregnant, parasite ridden and with some badly infected wounds from a wire around her neck. And gun shy. Not exactly the makings for a Dual Champion, but with some hard work and her incredible natural ability, Sugar overcame it all. She earned a show championship quite easily at a time when roan was very hard to win with in Canada. Outside of 6 weeks that she spent at Marc Appleton's summer camp, a 6 weeks we acknowledge was the difference in her becoming a broke dog, Sugar was entirely my project. Sugar won several 5 point stakes in field trials, and could always be counted on for exciting performances. She was a bit of a renegade, and she took me for some wild rides over the years. Thanks, Sugar, for the memories! I still see you in your descendants many generations later...only they are kind of tame versions of Sugar. The picture of her is with my two daughters, Michelle and Amy, when she was 7 months old and looked like butter would not melt in her mouth.

Dual Ch. Kinwashkly Shady Lady

Owner: Clem & Marilynne Little | Whelped: June 1985
by FC/AFC JJ's Jogger of St. James x Ch. Kinwashkly Bambi Sue

Shady was originally owned by a young man that married into the family, and became Clem and Marilynne's when he could not afford to continue to field trial her. Dave Walker was her handler in the field, and his wife, Fay finished her in the show ring. Her biggest show win was going Best of Winners at a specialty show judge by a breeder judge, over 47 class dogs for a 5 point major. Shady was always a threat in gun dog stakes. She was the dam of several Field Champions and a Dual Champion daughter, DC Shady's White River Annie. She was also responsible for the Littles' kennel name, Shady, although most of the dogs carrying the name were not related to her. Shady died young following a botched c-section, where a dead puppy was left in her by an intoxicated vet and septic infection followed.

Dual Ch. Kinwashkly Moonlit Serenade

Owner: Fay Walker | Whelped: January 1982
by NFC/DC Tomar's Ban Dee Sam (Hall of Fame) x Ch. Flint's Kinwashkly Queen, CD

Sara was a top winning juvenile in 1983 under the ownership of D.R. DeCan. She was purchased by Lloyd Manck and finished her Field Championship, with wins in hour all age stakes, run as always by Dave Walker. When Lloyd passed away, the Walkers bought her from his estate. Fay showed her to her championship, making her a Dual Champion. She began her career as a brood bitch at age 7, when most bitches are about done. She produced 8 field champions, a Dual Champion (Sunnyvale Point of Interest, a Best in Futurity winner) 3 show champions, and many field winners, despite having mostly small litters. Her granddaughter FC Rambling Rose IV was the 1995 National Champion. Sara remains one of the top producing bitches in history and is found in many pedigrees of winning dogs today. Sara is a 10 month old puppy in this picture.

Dual Ch. Kinwashkly Happi Omen

Owner: Dave Bartlett | Whelped: July 11, 1980
by NFC/NAFC/DC/AFC Perry's Rustic Prince (Hall of Fame) x Ch. Kinwashkly Princess Sioux

Kin’s original owner Graham Baugh had run him in some derby stakes with some placements when he got transferred to Hong Kong. He had already sent him to Dave Bartlett, a local shooting preserve owner and dog trainer, to steady him up for adult competition. Dave was so impressed with him that he bought him and completed his Field Championship in local trials between hunting seasons. I stepped in once he was a Field Champion and showed him to his title in the ring. The rest of his life, Kin hunted almost daily on the shooting preserve and sired a few litters of puppies.

Dual Ch. Kinwashkly Sunshine Girl

Owner: Leslie Andreas | Whelped: March 1997
by DC/AFC RC's Sundancer (Hall of Fame) x Ch. Kinwashkly Katydid It

Born at 5 o'clock on March 22nd, 1997, just as a 15 year old Moonlit Serenade was being put to sleep, Sunny was special from the beginning. Sunny's early career was as a very winning juvenile owned by Gordon and Georgia Barrett, handled by Dave Walker. When Georgia died very unexpectedly, Gordon was broken hearted and turned Sunny back over to my ownership. Dave broke her and qualified her for the National Gun Dog Championship her first adult season. She came back to Canada to have a litter for me in 2000. When the pups were weaned, we started from scratch with me handling her to her field title, and most of her show title (I did have friends take her in the ring a few times and put points on her). She had three major wins for her field title, the last one a five point major, every one of them within two months of weaning a litter. Sunny was an excellent producer, and the dam of Dual Ch. Kinwashkly French Velour.

Dual Ch. Kinwashkly Roscius Zoomer

Owner: Allen & Syd Norman | Whelped: September 2004
by FC/AFC The Time Machine x Ch. Kinwashkly Nutmeg

Zoomer did well in puppy and derby stakes, placed 4th in the ABC Western All Age Futurity in 2006. He also was 2nd money male in the same futurity’s show portion. He finished his Dual Championship in Texas, completely owner trained and handled by Allen in the field and Syd in the show ring. Zoomer produced a couple show champions and field winners in our only litter by him.


Dual & Amateur Field Ch. Kinwashkly Tempo

Owner: Leslie Andreas and Joyce Miley | Whelped: January 1, 2011
by FC/AFC Trademark's Iceman x DC/AFC Kinwashkly French Velour

Tempo is our newest dual, and we are very proud of him. He is the second dual champion produced by his mom, Val. He is also a third generation dual for me as an owner/breeder, with Val and grandmother Sunshine Girl also dual champions. He is the real thing, an all age dog with range and speed and drive! He has competed in the midwest under the whistle of trainer Ed Tillson. Three all age wins completed his championship in April 2016, and then he headed out for the show circuit with Jessica Carlson, and by July he was a dual champion with a few Best of Breed wins. Tempo has several hour wins and placements to his credit while running in the string of Ed Tillson. Tempo was posted at the 2018 National championship. As the sire of our very special futurity winner, Francis, and our lovely liver and white bitch, Mudslide, Tempo has influenced our breeding program very much. He passed away on July 25, 2022.

Dual & Amateur Field Ch. Kinwashkly JD's Super Hero

Owner: Jeff Currier, Joe and Deb Matrione | Whelped: October 24, 2012
by DC/GCh. Masked Jack of Diamonds x DC Kinwashkly Defiant Diefenbaker

Cooper had many puppy and derby placements but his only juvenile 1st place win was the 2014 American Brittany Club Eastern Gun Dog stake. He broke out quickly, and has made a good record as an adult, with 4 major wins totaling 20 points. He won a 4 point amateur limited gun dog (20 dogs) and a 44 entry Open Gun Dog stake in one weekend to finish his dual title before his 4th birthday. He also completed his Amateur Field Championship title soon afterwards. Cooper will be one to watch in the future as he continues to compete in trials handled by his owner. He is a bird finding son of a gun!

Dual & AFC. Kinwashkly Wee Johnny D, F.D.

Owner: Tom Doherty and Kim Williamson | Whelped: May 9, 2012
by DC/AFC Terra's Cabo Wabo x Ch. Kinwashkly Silver Charm

Johnny had a successful derby career with many wins and placements as well as show points. He went to trainer Ed Tillson and got his first adult placement the spring of 2016. With the high American dollar compared to our Canadian currency, he had to come home that fall. Johnny came ready for spring, completing his show championship in April with a major win. Moved up to specials, the next day he went Best of Breed for a 4 point major to his Grand Championship. He hit the trials ready to win, and took 2 red ribbons and then back to back first places for the majors he needed to finish his dual title. Johnny is still young and will be running in US and Canadian trials for some time to come!

2022 AKC National Gun dog Champ/Dual Ch. Kinwashkly King Louie

Owner: Diane Vater and Chuck Cooper | Whelped: September 27, 2013
by FC Redline MVP High Octane x Ch. Kinwashkly Brightest Star

I met Diane Vater when we judged the 2012 American Brittany Club Chukar Classic. The winner did such an outstanding job that Diane (a professional dog trainer) decided she wanted a Brittany, and I decided I needed to breed to this outstanding dog. When Diane found out we had puppies, she bought the pick of the litter. Louie began his career with some nice juvenile wins. He was 2nd in the 2015 ABC central all age futurity. It took awhile before his adult career caught on, but he has made some nice wins recently and is just in the prime of his life. Louie completed his show championship handled by Steph Gravdahl Meyer. We are proud to announce a dual championship for number 16 dual we have bred, following a successful weekend winning two stakes at the Michigan Brittany Club spring trial, April 2019. Louie won the big one in 2022! He was named the winner over 50 entries at the American Kennel Club National Gun Dog championship in April!

Dual Ch. Kinwashkly Defiant Diefenbaker

Owner: Leslie Andreas | Whelped: April 1, 2009
by Dual Ch. Kinwashkly Mac Magoo, F.D.J. x Dual & Amateur FC Kinwashkly French Velour

Diefenbaker looked like an unlikely dual champion as she hit her tenth birthday with no points to her field title, many placements but no points. A short 6 months later, our ten and a half year old dog completed her title with a 5 point and a 4 point major win. This little dog is pure class, sweeter than honey and so laid back you would never know she was alive.She spent the prime of her life raising some super star puppies. She is the dam of a dual champion, the daughter of two dual champions and the sister to a dual champion. She also has 9 points towards her AKC field championship. We are very proud of our senior citizen dual champion and the 17th dual champion we have bred. She is also the third dual champion her dam produced.

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